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All Civil Jury Trials in Arizona & Nevada
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We have been publishing the Trial Reporter since 1968.  From this massive 47 year archive, 20 years of data is searchable through our database; the remaining 27 years are made available to you using a more tedious process. The searching of our accumulated Civil  Trial data for legal terms, medical specials, expert witness or attorney activity required for your case, we call a Trial Reporter Compendium.
A Trial Reporter Compendium is the only source of specific verdicts pertaining to prior awards and settlements in "like" cases.  We have invaluable source material to assist you in evaluation during settlement negotiations or trial preparation.  You have available to you, the largest pool of local Civil Jury Trial case information from all Arizona and Nevada counties ever assembled.
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Central & Northern Arizona subscribers receive two issues a month except for August when it is published once, totaling 23 issues a year.  Trial Reporter of Southern Arizona and Nevada receive 12 issues a year.    Plus, with your subscription fees for all of our research services are substantially reduced!
Trial Reporter Index
Published semi-annually, the Trial Reporter Index contains a compilation of all Civil Jury Trials in Northern Arizona from the most current full year.  This vital research tool includes information on the following types of cases:  Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury Breach of Contract, Child Abuse, Discrimination and much more. 
This reference guide also compiles a list of Attorneys and Judges who were active during the year.  Plus, every expert who testified during the most current full year and provides a snippet/synopsis of their testimony
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Plaintiff or defendant, apparent winner or loser, let other attorneys, friends, enemies or carriers aware of your side.  We’re also always willing and able to report an addendum and/or erratum in our next publication if any relevant issue was not clear or needs a change in tone.  We really want to provide you with the fair, clear and understandable report.
Without you, the attorneys who report your version of the happenings of the case, it would be difficult to compile and published the volume of information that is the Trial Reporter.  Thank you for telling us your side.  Your input is vital and appreciated.
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